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Friday, March 29, 2013

Beads of Change meets Project Runway

Art Aids Art first met fashion designer Mondo Guerra at the San Gabriel Valley AIDS Action Summit, where he was keynote speaker.  Guerra gained international exposure as a contestant on TV’s Project Runway, making news not only by creating winning designs, but by publicly revealing his HIV+ status for the first time.  Following his keynote address, we were able to share a few words with Guerra and presented him with a South African AIDS pin.

Meanwhile in South Africa, artisans in our Women’s Skills Development Program were launching a new entrepreneurial initiative called Beads of Change.  We contacted them to share news from the summit, and during our brainstorm session decided to approach Guerra about featuring his winning Pozitivity design in beads.   He loved the idea and ordered 250 pins.

“Art has always helped me overcome difficulties in my life,” Guerra said.  “I’m proud to support Art Aids Art and Beads of Change to empower people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS through their art.”

Since that time, Beads of Change has produced custom designs for several South African tour groups and is ready to take orders. 

We hope to connect Beads of Change with American companies and organizations and invite you to send us your ideas.  Email us at to receive flyers that you can share with your contacts. 

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