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Monday, November 24, 2008

Three weeks of action!

October 26-28
Bead by Bead, Brick by Brick, an exhibit featuring the development of eKhaya eKasi Community Center, is featured at the National Black Child Development Institute's annual conference in Atlanta.

October 30-31
Art Aids Art is invited to present on sustainable development projects at the World Cultural Economic Forum in New Orleans. The spirit of rebirth in New Orleans following Katrina has much in common with that in South African townships.

Pictured here is Glenda English... our connection with her is another example of the difference a single person can make. After buying a beaded peace magnet from us, she contacted the Forum and coordinated our participation!

November 2
One hundred supporters join us in Altadena to celebrate the upcoming launch of eKhaya eKasi Community Center. Pictured here, Shannon Weprin initiated a project with her Girl Scout to handmake 75 black dolls for our upcoming trip, along with donations of another 65 infant dolls and loads of children's books.

Special thanks to performers at the event: The Fattback Bluesman, The Blunt Family African Dance & Drum, and Max Wrightson Trio featuring Tootie Heath. Pictured here: Jelani Blunt, Tootie Heath, Michael McTaggart and Yusef Olaitan. Photos: Steve Lewis.

November 11
We arrive in South Africa to news that Mama Africa -- the great South African vocalist Miriam Makeba -- has died. Makeba's signature sound, which including the clicks of the Xhosa language, was known around the world, along with her passionate activism during the anti-Apartheid struggle, during which she was forced to live in exile. The nation mourns.

November 14-17
Art Aids Art participates in the Women's Rights in Development World Conference in Cape Town, pictured here with fellow participants advocating for more inclusion of healing and trauma work in the event's proceedings.

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