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Saturday, July 7, 2007

Imagining eKhaya eKasi

June 19, 2007

Five graduate architecture students from Harvard University (known as "project_KHAYELITHSA" or pK) recently arrived in Cape Town to collaborate with Art Aids Art in the development of eKhaya eKasi Community Center.

Today in Khayelitsha township, we unveiled the architectural designs for eKhaya eKasi and invited contributions to the planning process. Response from the 75+ neighborhood representatives in attendance was overwhelmingly positive. Before bricks are laid, eKhaya eKasi must live in the minds and hearts of those who will use it. pK has done a remarkable job of accomplishing this, as you will see.

Ashley Heeren, Patrick Stowe Jones, Laura Shipman, Angie Thebaud & Gena Wirth are project_KHAYELITSHA’s Cape Town representatives.

Their blog can be found at:

Highlights from the design unveiling in Khayelitsha can be found at:

To view the article about the project in Archinect Magazine, visit:

We look forward to your feedback.

-- Tom


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