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Thursday, May 24, 2012

JUNGLE JUSTICE 2012: Service learning highlights from Cape Town, South Africa

Art Aids Art’s annual social action trip to Cape Town combined education,
volunteering and socially conscious tourism.

Prior to our arrival, Khayelitsha mothers planted the first seedlings
for the rooftop garden at eKhaya eKasi Center.
Thanks to Nicholas Ornstein & Alexis Randolph
for sponsoring the garden's launch.

Members of the Women's Skills Program (Nokhanyiso, Esther & Nosakhele)
prepared a feast to welcome our U.S. volunteers...

...who, in the spirit of service, joined in (Sam with Nadeem & Yoliswa).

The Jungle Justice team received a tour of the center led by new coordinator Lulama Sihlabeni (in white). We were honored that Board Members Jennifer Fletcher and Juliana Jones (far right) were among the intrepid group. They were joined by Art Aids Art intern and musician Sam McAdam, journalist Justin Chapman and musician Bruce McAdam.

After the day's activities, we were treated to lamb curry, chicken, squash, greens,
fried potatoes and samp (similar to hominy).

The welcome concluded with a surprise announcement of the Tripadvisor Award to
Blue On Blue's Yoliswa and Nadeem (visit our home page for further info).

Farewells came all too soon!

The Women's Skills Program continues to work on new designs, such as...

...these heart ornaments made with shwe-shwe fabric and felt.

During literacy and theater exercises, there was a cross-cultural discovery that similar versions of
"Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" exist in both Xhosa and English.

The new theater project launched with a rendition of the children's story Jamela's Dress.

More to come!

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