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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Inspirational Polka Dots!

WallCandy Arts just featured Art Aids Art in a recent blog entry. Here is a quick excerpt.

We’re proud that our removable wall decals have helped brighten up the Khayelitsha Art & Education Center and are not only making a decorative impact, but a pragmatic one as well. Our Chalkboard wall stickers are now serving an admirable classroom role, with the heights constantly being repositioned to serve both children and adults. And our festive Dottilicious wall stickers, a bubbly polka-dot palette of ice cream colors, dominate the walls at the art center.

Be sure to check out the entire article here! Thanks to WallCandy for the wall decals and for featuring Art Aids Art on their blog.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Twelve Determined Women – Skills Training A Success!

 We are still catching our breath from the most recent Jungle Justice Trip to South Africa, where Art Aids Arts programs are taking flight. In particular, the Women’s Skills Training Program at eKhaya eKasi Center in Khayelitsha has made tremendous progress.

Exploring design ideas

Led by Lulama Sihlabeni (front row left), the initial phase exceeded expectations. The program’s entire pilot group, comprised of unemployed mothers, completed training in fabric painting with 100% participation, an exceptional outcome.

 eKhaya eKasi's pilot group for women's skills training

“With a program that does not pay a salary, but is instead based on long-term goals, you would normally lose some participants along the way,” Lulama noted. “This group was very committed and took to heart the idea that we are emphasizing -- creativity combined with marketable skills is something that can serve someone for a lifetime. I am very proud of these women for their determination.”

Xoliswa displays her first full-sized fabric painting

The second phase for these women will be silkscreening, while a second group of starts with fabric painting. We will keep you posted on progress, and provide more details and photos from the recent trip in the coming weeks.

P.S. The group recorded its first product sales during a recent tour group visit at eKhaya eKasi… and immediately decided to reinvest the profits into purchasing more materials for their next project. That’s forward thinking!

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