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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars: Must-see Los Angeles concert!

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Imagine living in a refugee camp, having escaped a violent civil war in your native country. Your home has been destroyed, your arm has been brutally hacked off, and you have lost touch with family and friends who have fled to parts unknown... that is, unless they've been killed. A musician, you form a bond with another kindred spirit in the camp...and as days pass, you meet another, and another. And then you are six. You play music to raise your spirits and provide comfort to those around you.

That musician living in a camp during Sierra Leone's civil war could hardly have imagined that within the next decade he would be featured in a documentary movie and on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and tour the world, sharing the stage with artists like Aerosmith and Angelique Kidjo. Such is the miraculous story of Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars, who come to Los Angeles for a special performance and album launch on May 12, spreading their message of peace.

Put on your dancing shoes and come out to support this remarkable band, who play a unique blend of afro, reggae, rhythm and blues, funk and soul.

The event is co-sponsored by Coalition for a Sustainable Africa (CSAfrica), a collaboration of non-profit organizations offering sustainable solutions for grass-roots initiatives to empower the people and communities of Africa. Art Aids Art is a proud member of CSAfrica.

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Listen to music samples:

See film clips and learn more about the documentary that tells their story:

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