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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Combating AIDS in South Africa with 2.5 billion condoms

Great news on the HIV/AIDS front, especially given that South Africa will host the World Cup in just 2 months. South Africa's health minister has announced a campaign to hand out 2.5 billion male condoms, test 15 million people for HIV, treat rape victims and encourage male circumcision as a preventative measure.

While the exclusion of female condoms is a missed opportunity at creating a more gender inclusive safe sex strategy (see March 30 post), the new campaign is a positive step toward a comprehensive plan to control infections.

Art Aids Art applauds steps such as these, and also remains committed to promoting education and economic self-sufficiency for women to reduce risky behaviors such as trading sex for shelter, food or money.

For the full Associated Press article, click here.

Photo credit: Katharine Euphrat / NBN

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