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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Updates from Around the Globe

Representing Art Aids Art, eKhaya eKasi staff Nonceba Nonkevu (center) and Funeka Dukwe (left) attended a 3-week training course on small business development at the Cape Craft and Design Institute. Art Aids Art also sponsored Nontando Dibela (right) and Xoliswa Situ, two members of Wired Women collective, a microbusiness that has developed with our financial and logistical support.

Highlights from recent beadwork parties benefiting South African artists & eKhaya eKasi Center.

Special thanks to our hosts & volunteers!
Jodee Reed, Paul Larsen & Christina Rockrise
Diane Kroll & family
Phoebe, Louisa, Jenny & Mike Harding
Lynn Shaw & ChezShaw
Esther de la Torre, Michelle Rodriguez & CAMS
Sarah Colome, Jennifer Fletcher & Megan Berry
Amanda Edwards, Brenda Ramirez & Ariana Rodriguez
Laine Tannen & the San Francisco Jewish Community Center
Carrie Simon, Jordan Aiken, and Susan, Patty & Sam
Jeanette Kruger & Betty Morningstar
Tina Carrari and FAWCO
Rainey Webb

Art Aids Art's yard sale fundraiser was a success. Our thanks to all our donors, especially the Robles family and Jennifer Carey, and to Liz Holle for running the sale (next to her car loaded with yard sale treasures!).



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