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Friday, May 16, 2008

Building eKhaya eKasi: Container Arrives

The 40-foot container arrives, representing the cornerstone of eKhaya eKasi... but there's not enough maneuvering room for the truck to set it on the foundation, so it is unloaded by the roadside.

The crane rolls into Khayelitsha, creating a buzz in the community as it prepares to move the container into place.

Time for action. Feet out!

Crane up!

Prepare to lift!

Mission accomplished!

Now in place, the container will serve as a temporary storage area for building materials.

Once construction is completed, it will be converted into two small microbusinesses, an art boutique and beauty salon, generating income for the community and helping the center remain self-sustainable.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Building eKhaya eKasi: Breaking Ground

Two years ago while Art Aids Art was hatching an idea for a community center in Khayelitsha, we were approached by our close collaborator, Monkeybiz Bead Project, about a unique parcel of land. One of Monkeybiz's members was selling her home, which happened to be ideally located directly across from the art workspace we funded in 2003 (yellow structure on the right). This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The dream of eKhaya eKasi was born.

For more about the center's design development, visit our 2007 entry, Imagining eKhaya eKasi.

After six months of negotiating with the local municipality, we received approval! Time to prepare the site.

Mathapelo Ngaka of Monkeybiz announces to the community that apprentices are being sought as part of the project's employment training component.

Post-demolition: Over 75% of the old building is reused by members of the neighborhood... in less than 8 hours!

Art Aids Art receives 30,000 donated bricks from South African supplier Corobrik. Thank you!

A bricklaying apprentice is closely supervised as the foundation takes shape.

The site is blanketed with mountains of building material and abuzz with activity.


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