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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bead by Bead, Brick by Brick

On January 24 at Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, MA, Art Aids Art launched a nationwide exhibit of glass-beaded sculpture and architectural design documentation, celebrating our collaboration with two partners: Monkeybiz Bead Project and project_KHAYELITSHA.

Angie, Patrick and Gena, members of project_KHAYELITSHA (pK), pose in front of their design and research panels. The team, a group of graduate architecture students from Harvard, spent six months working with Loeb Fellow Steve Lewis to design Art Aids Art's eKhaya eKasi Community Center with maximum usability and energy efficiency. For more on their trip to Cape Town last summer, visit the next blog entry, Imagining eKhaya eKasi.

eKhaya eKasi will provide a safe workspace and five microbusinesses to generate sustainable income.

A view from the outskirts of Khayelitsha.

Inside "The Boat," an art workspace donated by Art Aids Art to Monkeybiz Bead Project in 2003. It is located directly across from the future home of eKhaya eKasi.

A backyard in Khayelitsha.

The exhibit features special edition giant beaded sculptures by Monkeybiz, a women's collective of over 450 members and one of the greatest success stories of democratic South Africa. Art Aids Art and Monkeybiz have worked closely on economic development and education projects for six years.

The worlds most fashionable elephant?

Portraits of Monkeybiz artists by Aspen Mays (

Bead by Bead, Brick by Brick also celebrates the release of the long-awaited art book about the history of Monkeybiz Bead Project.

A proud purchaser poses.

Members of pK with Sally Young, exhibit organizer and Project Coordinator for the Loeb Fellowship. Special thanks to pK, Sally and Arsenal Center for the Arts for their support in realizing this dream, especially Program Director Bev Snow, Director Kathy Tompkins and President of the Board Becky Squier, as well as Mark Peterson for photo printing. Bead by Bead, Brick by Brick closes at Arsenal on February 23, and makes its next stop at the Pounder Koné Gallery in Los Angeles (June 26-July 9).


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